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Decorating your vanity space for under £100

By :Elizabeth Puddicombe 0 comments
Decorating your vanity space for under £100
Your vanity space is a space you use pretty much every day, so it’s important to make sure you create a space that reflects your personality and fits your needs. We believe that vanity decorating is possible within any budget, there are many affordable items and hacks that you can use to make your vanity look better than ever (and not hurt your wallet). You've got the vanity mirror, now here are some items you can get, to give your vanity a full makeover for under £100!
1- Trays:
This decorative piece doesn't just look elegant on your vanity table, but trays also help you organise your space, and make cleaning a lot easier! You can have separate trays for different items like perfumes and jewelry.  
Stylish Tray:  
Price: £14.96 
2-  Accents:
It's all about the details! Having a consistent color scheme makes your space look well put together and more chic. 
Try metallic gold accents to bring some luxury to your space, you don't have to worry about changing your existing furniture to fit the theme, You can always use this simple and easy hack: use metallic spray paint on your paneling to get matching accents.
Gold Spray Paint:    
Price: £8.47  
3- Glass jars:
You can use glass jars in various sizes to neatly store your products, and make your desk look chic and minimal. 
We picked some affordable glass jars you can use, but alternatively, you can use any jars you might have lying around in your kitchen: mason jars can be used to store your cotton pads, and even cookie jars work great as storage for nail polish, be creative!
Glass Jars  
4- Personalise your space with collage wall frames:
Your vanity space should be stylish, but also personal to you, it is in fact your personal space, and no price tag should stop you from doing that. 
All you really need to make your own collage wall is to purchase some affordable photo frames and print some inspirational photos (try FreePrints) or even paint it yourself, to make it more personal to you.
Photo Frame  
Price: £14.45
5-  Create your own Jewelry holder:
Get out your toolbox, and build some hangers on the wall to store your jewelry in a stylish and affordable way! 
Clothing hook  
Cost: £ 6.21
6- Flower power:
A nice touch to any vanity table is adding some flowers, you can either get fresh flowers or get some faux flowers! 
You don't even need to get a vase, you can easily just spray paint any empty bottle or glass you don't need with metallic gold paint, and match it to your space. 
Faux flowers  
Price: £ 4.99
7-  Wallpaper
An easy and affordable way to really make your space look great is to add some wallpaper behind your vanity table, to really make your space stand out.
Floral wallpaper  
Price: £ 9.99 
Price Breakdown:
Stylish Trays:                  £14.96
Spray Paint:                    £8.47
Glass Jars :                     £14.99
Frames:                           £14.45
Clothing Hooks:               £6.21
Faux Flowers:                  £4.99 
Floral wallpapers:            £ 9.99
                            Total:  £74.06
So, we’ve proved that with only £74.06, you can indeed give your vanity space the makeover it deserves! We would love to hear about your budget friendly decorating, don’t forget to tag us @gsspectrumuk.
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