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Five tips for decorating & dressing up your vanity space

By :Chrispin Phiri 0 comments
Five tips for decorating & dressing up your vanity space
We spend a lot of time getting ready at our vanity table, it's a place where we can have quality time with ourselves, get ready to go out, or just relax while doing our nighttime routines. We love seeing our mirrors in our customer's spaces. Here are some of our favourite tips on how to create the perfect space:
Don't be afraid of using bright colours:
Grey toned/monochromatic colour schemes are simple, safe, and certainly a chic choice for designing any room in your home. However, we recommend adding a splash of colour, this can really add a vibrant and creative feel to your space.
Start small. You can begin by adding colourful vases, pillows, carpets, or even painting an accent wall a bright colour; think magenta, turquoise, or even yellow! A splash of colour can really make all the difference. 
Bring in some nature:
We spend a good portion of our time getting ready in front of our vanity tables, so it just makes sense to make sure we create a space that also brings us peace and serenity. 
By combining some vibrant flowers, green plants, or small tree decor into your space you also bring in an air of natural sparkle and zen. You also get to reap the many benefits that plants provide to our bodies and mental wellbeing.
Plus, you can't deny that it just makes spaces look %100 better. 
Like we mentioned earlier, when decorating your vanity table, make sure you create a space that makes you comfortable and at peace. An easy way to do this is by adding some calming scents for some tranquillity. You can use good quality candles, essential oils, diffusers, incense sticks etc. Some of our favourite scents are lavender, white jasmine, and vanilla. 
Add texture:
Texture is such a buzzword in interior design, but for good reason. Adding visual texture is the art of blending the rough with the smooth and making a space stand out. Adding pillows that have rugged textures like fur or fuzz can bring some interesting depth to your chair. You can also add different shaped photo frames to the wall adjacent to your table. Also, consider adding some statement decor pieces with unique shapes. 
Who doesn't love a good DIY project? If you have a wooden dressing table, you can get a piece of glass sized for your table to protect the wood from being ruined. Another thing you can do yourself is to add some waterproof vinyl film over the top of your table. This can be marble, colourful, or even just a plain gloss. Instant upgrade!
We'd love to see how you design your tables with our vanity mirrors. Don't forget to tag us @GSSpectrumUK on Instagram.
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