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How to take the perfect Instagram picture using our mirrors

By :Elizabeth Puddicombe 0 comments
How to take the perfect Instagram picture using our mirrors

Taking the perfect Instagram picture is not as easy as it seems. There is definitely a method to the madness. We've loved seeing all your mirror pictures and we've picked up a few tricks with each image. Here are our top tips for taking the perfect Instagram picture using our mirrors:

Use a good camera lens:

The perfect Instagram picture requires the perfect lens. Using a good camera lens can make the biggest difference in your photo, especially when it comes to lighting, composition, and shadows. All of these come into play to make a perfect photo. 

Try using a wide-angle camera lens if you want to get the most of your space in your photo.

Also, a good camera lens isn’t just a DSLR but a phone lens too!

Lighting is key:

When it comes to lighting, it's good to  go for natural lighting, it just gives a more soft, subtle glow that really brings out the colours in your room. 

Pro tip: If you do need a bit more brightness in your photos, the light bulbs on our mirrors work beautifully, make sure to play around with the brightness levels and add in an extra light source like a ring light to get the perfect exposure.

Let's talk about angles:

The biggest problem when taking photos of mirrors is that the background might reveal in the mirror's reflection, So make sure you find the right angle to avoid that.

Also try to shoot your subject straight on. If you're using your phone make sure your phone is flat against your wall, to get the best results.

Set your scene:

The reality is, no one has a perfect, ready-to-shoot space all the time. The first step is tidying up your space and hiding all those piles of clothes on your chair, hiding cables/adapters etc...

Then comes the fun part... styling! Here you can be as creative as you want to be. Just make sure your styling is consistent and simple.


If you can't get the perfect shot on camera, don't forget about editing. You can always tweak your photos to perfection! You can remove additional shadows, increase exposure and make colours pop by increasing your saturation. 

We love seeing your gorgeous photos! make sure to send us some of your Instagram worthy shots by tagging us @GSSpectrumUK on Instagram, so we can repost it in our feed! 

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